Primary Care Doctors' Organization Malaysia (PCDOM) would like to welcome you to its Generic Engine for Modules (GEM)project. This project is funded under the PAN ASIA ICT R&D Grants Programme for 2006.

Project Summary

In any health care system and particularly in developing countries, Primary Health Care is of utmost importance to provide the first line of preventive and curative medical services to the individual, the family and the community. But the effectiveness of Primary Health Care is often hindered by poor patient, clinical, informational and statistical data management.

In 2000, with the general mission of improving the delivery of Primary Health Care by General Practitioners in Malaysia, we undertook the development of PCDOM PrimaCare, an integrated open source medical software that focuses on the clinical and operational aspects of the medical practice. The project was supported by the Malaysian Government. We would now like to make the software widely available and affordable for developing countries and adapted to the context of their regional specificities.

Now that we have developed a common platform addressing the general aspects of Primary Health Care, which mainly deals with the issues of Adult Medicine, there is a need to move to our next enhancement. This enhancement consists of developing specialized modules to attend to other important areas of Primary Health Care, such as General Pediatrics, General Women’s Health and Basic Epidemiology.

For so doing, the most effective solution is the development of a Generic Engine for Modules (GEM), which is the specific subject of our grant request. Once created, it will help us overcome the tedious process of writing each module from scratch, including the related entire database. In the framework of this grant application, we want to develop the three modules of General Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Epidemiology based on the technology of the GEM. In addition, the GEM will have the power to facilitate the development of many other specialized modules required in other medical specialties, thus creating an important tool that extends far beyond Primary Health Care.