About Us

Primary Care Doctors' Organisation Malaysia (PCDOM) was formed in 1996 with a Vision that Primary Care is the foundation of the health care system which delivers quality care according to individual need and which ensures a satisfying vocation for general/family practitioners, as carer and counselor for all Malaysian families by 2020.

The Malaysian health care system is at its cross-roads. Various changes had taken place within the public sector with pending implementation of a National Health Financing System. The presence of managed care organizations since 1995, in various shapes and forms (from multi-level marketing, risk-rated insurance packages to third party administrators) add to the complexity of the future health care scenario.

Such complexities will pose tremendous challenges to general practitioners (GPs) in the private sector to play a more proactive role to ensure that private general practice will become truly an integral part of an effective, efficient and unified national health care system.

This scenario and dream prompted the formation of Primary Care Doctors Organisation Malaysia (PCDOM) in 1996. PCDOM will provide the leadership role and a rallying point to support and represent the GPs. Furthermore, PCDOM is to provide information and assistance particularly in "business" issues. It is important for doctors to be able to translate issues of academic standards and quality into their everyday "business" of practising as primary care doctors. Finally the aim of PCDOM is to provide the platform for the doctors when the need arise to dialogue and negotiate with third parties.

PCDOM then took the lead in developing PCDOM PrimaCare a computerized clinic and patient management software for GPs and also the initiative to establish the Primary Health Care Network Services (PNS) to emphasise teamwork and collaborative efforts from all stakeholders, which are crucial to achieve a health care system that can promote the health of the Malaysian population effectively.