Project Objectives

The Project Objectives consist of general objectives of PrimaCare and specific objectives of the PrimaCare's Generic Engine for Modules.

The general objectives of PrimaCare:

* Help improve the quality of Primary Health Care through better patient, clinical, informational and statistical data management.
* Develop for the Primary Care Doctors of Malaysia and other developing countries an open-source medical software.
* Focus on the regional specificities and needs of Primary Health Care in developing countries.

The specific objectives of the PrimaCare’s Generic Engine for modules are:

* Develop an underlying engine to facilitate the creation of specialized modules.
* Help reach the Millennium Development Goals 4, 5 and 6 by improving the quality of General Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Epidemiology in the practice of Primary Health Care.
* Develop specialized modules in General Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Epidemiology.
* Offer the possibility to easily develop other specialized modules that are of concern to Primary Health Care (e.g. General Pediatrics; lifestyle diseases, such as hypertension, obesity or cardiovascular diseases).
* Empower medical users who are non-programmers to build or expand their own modules based on their needs, instead of relying on programmers to perform the hard coding.
* Empower medical users to easily and quickly create other modules customized to the epidemiological environment in which they practice (e.g. module to help process patients suffering from a new infectious outbreak).
* Offer the possibility to easily create specialized modules for other medical specialties outside of Primary Health Care.